Monday, August 31, 2009

82 miles for the month.

9 miles today which makes 84 for the month, a few more than I pledged to Team Wonderbike. Kids are learning their music for Robber Bridegroom.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

27 Miles and a Couple of Marmots

27 miles logged this week. Zucchini lasagna lasted all week. Managed to survive the first week of classes. Had auditions for Improv and the Robber Bridegroom. Bridegroom is cast, we'll get to Improv. Out on Eastwood saw a couple of marmot looking critters, need to investigate what they are. Yesterday I bought a headlamp for the bike so I can see and be seen coming home from rehearsals at night. The weather is quite cool today. I hope it lasts. First rehearsal of Bridegroom is tonight.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Sunday Morning-Omlettes and Frisbees and Squirrels, Oh my!

I made omlettes this morning and had some of Chris' yummy Zucchini cake for dessert. Why shouldn't breakfast come w/ dessert. I logged a total of 18 miles on the bike this week. Not much, I know, but when my office is only a mile and a half away not much is required. Yesterday was great, got up and biked to the farmer's market with Chris. Shopped for the weeks groceries in the afternoon, grilled a yummy steak, and made zucchini, spinach and artichoke lasagna. Played a great game of Frisbee golf with Martin in the early evening. Rowan stayed home to work on his claymation squirrel.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Wednesday night Thunderstorms Thursday Project Runway

Wasn't able to blog Wednesday night as the lightening was intense, and I didn't want to risk blowing up the computer. It was an excellent storm though. On Wednesday morning, I caught a break between showers, and rode in on the fresh after rain streets. Love the smells and the atmosphere of that! Had a morning on meetings, getting ready for the upcomming year. Thursday was about a division meeting in the morning, then spent the afternoon tearing out walls in the new black box space. It has turned cool here, but the humidity is still a bit intense, I was a sweaty mess by the end of the day. Had a beautiful evening ride home in the cool air, its was gorgeous! To cap of my day I watched Project Runway . . . finally! I'm excited to finally get to see this season that was locked up in litigation for so long, and also the new season of Top Chef is on Wednesday nights. The only bummer is that next wee we have auditions for Robber Bridegroom, and I'll have to watch them late at night.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Loose Seat

Starting out today, I had to tighten a couple of nuts on the rear rack, but then it worked fine lugging my cordless drill to campus. Couldn't get in to work on the new black box, because they haven't moved the weight equipment out yet. The influx of students in mid-August must have taken them by surprise. Coming home my seat started to pan from side to side again. Need to tighten it some more, but I'm trying to wait until September when I can get a bike wrench. The C-wrench is startind to round off the nuts. And everyone knows that there's nothing worse. I kept wondering if the loose seat is some sort of sign. Do I need to be more of a tight ass? Or do I need to loosen up and not worry so much? Tomorrow I will ride in without tightening my seat to see what that brings. I know if I wait long enough, the bike will provide the answer.
On another note, we have to do something about these idiots showing up a large public gatherings with loaded weapons. There is a vibe coming from these right wing fear mongers that is making me a little nervous about the future. Maybe they need to tighten a couple of nuts.

Monday, August 17, 2009


Today on my ride in to the office, I saw a cute box turtle just East of the airport. I think its an important reminder of the tortoise and the hair. Don't in a hurry, slow and steady wins the race. Fortunately I avoided the storms that rolled through. Logged three miles. On another note I must remember to never underestimate the stupidity of the American people. Looks the the insurance companies and the powers that be are going to win once again. Maybe I'll bike to Canada.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Logging the miles on Big Bad Buddha Bike

So I rescued a cruiser from the weeds at my parent's, actually I rescued a cruiser and a 5 speed, but I've got the cruiser up and running, and have moved the rear rack from the five speed to the cruiser. I was having difficulty coming up with a name until the bike came to me in a dream and declared its name to be Big Bad Buddha Bike. I am using this a a new point of departure for this blog to log my miles for Team Wonderbike and any thoughts I may have along the way. Two weeks ago I logged about 9 miles on Chris' bike. Last week I logged 21 miles on the Big Bad Buddha Bike. Which gives me the total of 30 that I have pledged to Team Wonderbike. I figured my miles by mapping my route to my office on google maps. I figured that rather than drive to campus, I could bike, use less gas, save some gas, be nicer to the planet, and be nicer to my body and my mind. I only wish that Marshall were more bike and pedestrian friendly, but many communities have a long way to go on this front. Maybe if more people start biking and walking the needs will be addressed. If you are interested in becoming a member of Team Wonderbike go to the following website.

Friday, August 7, 2009

Very Bad Blogger!

Great summer! Bad Blogger! Had fun doing three shows in Arrow rock, I would say that You Can't Take it With You was my favorite by far but then again I didn't have to pretend to sing and dance. But seriously, it was a great cast and director to work with, and a fun playground of a set to work on. Would have been perfect had I not pulled a muscle in my calf(totally non-theatre related injury)as we headed into the final week of rehearsals. Fortunately I was faithful to my rehab, and it was fine by the second week of the run. Go to the Lyceum site to see pictures of the production.